What Our Clients Say

“I felt so comfortable with Jennifer right from the start. She helped me see my issues in a totally new way and get out of the trap of my old behavior and finally live the life I want. I feel so happy and confident after working with Jennifer and I highly recommend her!”  — Brenda L.


“Although  I wasn’t sure what to expect from hypnosis, Jennifer took the time to explain the process in simple terms and with a professional, warm style that helped me feel comfortable… I was able to open some doors that had been completely closed for most of my life. Jennifer is a very giving and talented hypnotist, and I highly recommend her.”  — Joel Y.


“Jennifer helped me cope with everyday stresses, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and childhood trauma. I am more confident now than I have ever been in my entire life. So if you are looking for an alternative, she is it. I truly cannot express my gratitude enough. Thank you, Jennifer!” — Kendra L.


“Jennifer was a joy to work with, and I achieved real results! Her complete acceptance of whatever I revealed to her, without judgment, made it easy to move through the process without hesitation. She guided me with tremendous warmth, understanding, and professional skill. After each session, I felt cleansed, rejuvenated, and energized! I truly felt lighter! I highly recommend Jennifer to others. I enjoyed our sessions immensely and achieved the results I wanted! — Emily H.

More Testimonials…

“I accomplished more in 4 sessions with Jennifer than I did in several years of traditional therapy.”  — Scott W.

“Jennifer is an outstanding hypnotist. She’s extremely learned in her craft with multiple certifications under her belt. More importantly, she is kind, compassionate, nonjudgmental and a great listener. Jennifer is able to take in a lot of information, digest it and use it for her client’s betterment. She is one smart woman. Jennifer has helped me with PTSD and trauma around some injuries and an accident… She does all this in a way that is healing rather than threatening. I can’t imagine anyone who would not benefit tremendously from working with Jennifer. I cannot recommend her highly enough.” — Lauren J.   

“Working with Jennifer in the hypnosis program has been the most successful experience I have ever had…I am more relaxed, comfortable, and at ease than ever before. I highly recommend it!” — Arej S.

“This therapy has helped me get rid of a lot of anger that I’d held onto and built up over a long period of time. I’ve gotten some closure and gained better understanding about a lot of things and my self esteem has been helped a lot. A lot of negativity has now been replaced with positivity…I’ve been given tools that will help me for the rest of my life and I’m so happy and thankful for Jennifer’s help.” — Josie C.

“Jennifer is amazing! I cannot believe what an impact this has on my life! I have experienced chronic anxiety and depression, and Jennifer has helped with this tremendously! I am no longer having panic attacks at work or while driving! “— Rose E.

“Working with Jennifer has helped me to clear up long ago blocks, blocks I wasn’t even aware of. It’s been an eye-opening and enlightening experience because Jennifer is a pro. She’s also warm, kind, intelligent and supportive in a way I haven’t experienced before.” — Ellen S.

“I have had the most exceptional experience with Jennifer…I regard her as one of the best in her profession. If I need a therapist in the future, I will certainly be obtaining her services.” — Karen H.

“I tried medications, I’ve tried talking to a doctor who can prescribe medications, I have tried everything and I didn’t think anything could work… I feel that Jennifer gave me the clarity that I was needing and wanting and longing for. I am totally impressed with what she was able to accomplish in the 4 weeks that we worked together. I not only have somebody who I feel I can talk to about anything, I have a friend in Jennifer, and I recommend her with all my heart.” — Samantha J.

“I now have a greater sense of peace within myself that I didn’t expect or think was possible…It has been a true honor to work with Jennifer!” — Sarah S.

“My family loved the improvement in me…Thank you Jennifer for sharing your greatness with me to become the happy person I was created to be.” — Tracy D.

“Jennifer really knows how to put one at ease and make the entire process enriching!” –Gerrie S.

“Jennifer displayed a great combination of professionalism and compassion in all of our sessions. If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, or bad habits, I highly recommend giving this a try.” — Emma W.

“Jennifer is the sweetest person you can have as a therapist. She is easy to talk to… She has changed the way I think and feel now. I feel happy and in control of my life. I am stronger than I’ve ever felt.” –Dina M.

“If you have any complexes, fears, doubts, phobias, lack confidence in things big or small, this surely can address those issues.” — Mike M.

“It was an awesome experience. I highly recommend it…Thanks Jennifer for everything. Thank you for being so kind.” — Budour A.

“Jennifer is very lovely and comforting. She is very knowledgeable in what she is doing…I recommend her to anyone who wants to deal with life issues and transform his/her life for the better.” — Carooma C.

“Jennifer is well-versed in hypnosis and has definitely helped me in my journey to better myself! I highly recommend her!” — Alison W.

“I just finished my 4th week with Forefront Hypnosis and I feel like a better person overall. I’m really thankful for the help and for the passion you showed. Those lessons will forever be in my heart. Thank you!” — Darian T.

“I had a wonderful experience with my hypnotherapist Jennifer. She is such a sweet and giving soul. She guided me into some deep hypnosis so that I was able to see clearly through my spiritual journey and understand my challenges! I am so grateful and would recommend Forefront Hypnosis to anyone who needs guidance and wants results fast! Thank you!”— Cathy C.

“Jennifer is a warm, welcoming presence and she helped me set down baggage that I’ve had over the years and has provided me with tools to help myself move forward in life. I would highly recommend her to anybody going through struggles of their own.” — Liam T.

“Jennifer is great at helping people, and I highly recommend her. She has the best personality, and I felt so comfortable talking to her. I had a confidence issue with my family, and now I feel that I can go forward and I’m on the right path. Thank you!” — Robert M.

Jennifer brings an open heart and mind and a wealth of experience to her clients. She helps them see challenges in a productive light and take positive action with confidence. Her honesty, empathy and intelligence get to the heart of the matter as she offers fresh insights and practical advice.  I highly recommend Jennifer’s hypnosis and coaching services. ” — Amy D.

“Jennifer makes me feel safe and confident. She took the time to get to know me and her door is always open if I need anything. My anxiety has eased so much. I am currently not on any medications. I feel leaps better. I recommend her services to anyone who wants to be renewed and/or feels hopeless. She made me realize how important my life is and how strong I am.” — Gianine N.

“Jennifer is a kind and compassionate hypnotist who was thorough in working to understand my emotional needs. Her sessions helped me feel more confident and secure in myself. As a psychologist, I would recommend her work individually or as an adjunct to talk therapy. — June R.

“I was struggling with anxiety preparing for a job interview. My heart was beating so hard I couldn’t think straight. In desperation, I reached out to Jennifer. She took me to a place within myself where I could see myself fully-equipped and making a difference in the lives of others. My state of mind completely changed.  If you’re stuggling, just reach out to Jennifer and get help. It was the best thing I could have done. – Clara T.

“All I can say is that a 5-star rating is way too low for Jennifer and her expertise! This was absolutely the best thing that I have ever done for myself and the ones that I love! You are a blessing to everyone that you assist. God Bless!”– Jeff H.

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